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I hate politics, but this is when I have to stand up and say something. This isn’t against Republicans, or Democrats, but against the people supporting this egregious misuse of power and gross misconduct against the people of the United States Of America (Read below) whether they be Congress, The President, The Supreme Court, or your grandma.  

Netizens! Lend me your ears. 
A day when a porn site, a comedy site, and YouTube are all on the same side is a sad one. (Or a weird one, depending how you look at it, I guess. 

The american people don’t know enough about this monstrosity, this mockery of the constitution and the very rights this nation was built upon so I’m posting the best links to figure it out. 
In short SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act means if I post something that links to something the company who owns it, doesn’t like, the color scheme of this blog becomes black on black on black.

But what’s next, a Mutant Registration Act? Is Stark going to turn over his suit? Is spider-man going hang up his webs?

But seriously, Here’s a round-up of sites and people.

Randall Munroe has a post on his website about this. [XKCD

Gizmodo has their round-up of sites that are protesting [Gizmodo] When 4chan stands against something, that’s a lot. (Though they would be first to be taken down in any case)
The Cheezeburger network has a pop-up (No surprise there.) that urges you to call your Representative. [The Daily] As much I hate Ben Huh, He’s right, and I’m glad he’s on the right side of this.
The reddit blog has a post with links to everything. [Reddit Blog]

Questionable Content (Who just ended an arc most unsatisfactorily) has his SOPA comic up [Questionable Content]

Nedroid puts his up as well. [Nedroid]

If congress votes for this, then we vote them out, and vote in people who will. 
And I wouldn’t care about this whole thing, except The president signed the NDAA, giving the government the power to indefinitely detain someone who they say they think is a terrorist. And I thought the leader of the free world would put a stop to that nonsense. But, no. He signed it “with reservations”. 
That’s horrifying to me.
If President Obama doesn’t want to work for his employers, the American people, We’ll vote him out on the street and elect someone else who will. 
And if Mitt Romney, or Newt Gingrich *Shudder* doesn’t, then we’ll fight.

Today we stand, tomorrow we fight.

Your move, Congress. 

Oh, Ronaldo…

Oh, Ronaldo…


O Christmas Troy - Community 1.12

Where are the Sour Patch parents?


Here is a commercial I made for the new app for THE SOUP.


Thanks to Zach from Fatal Farm for doing the GFX and Paul Bonanno for being Paul Bonanno. Ben Pluimer shot it!

(i am the voice of Joe Jonas)


All I see are Gifs on My front page, so figured I might as well add to them.